Symantec Certificate

Symantec™ Safe Site

Comes with Norton daily anti-malware scanning to protect your site from malicious threats

Symantec™ Code Signing

Give your customers the ultimate confidence that your software is safe and unaltered with a Symantec Code Signing certificate.

Symantec™ Secure Site with EV

The world's most recognized trust mark, which is proven to boost consumer confidence and increase conversions – and this certificate will enable the green address bar within the browser of all site visitors,

Symantec™ Secure Site Pro with EV

This solution will also turn your web address bar green and display your organization's name in it. In addition, you'll receive the Anti-Malware Scanner and Critical Vulnerability Assessment–making this the most comprehensive website security solution on the market.

Symantec™ Secure Site Multi-Domain Wildcard

The Symantec Secure Site Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate features encryption strength up to 256-bit and a $1,500,000 warranty. This product also includes a daily malware scanner and Seal-in-Search search engine technology, which allows potential visitors to see a Norton Secured trust seal next to your website in search engine results.

Symantec™ Secure Site Pro Multi-Domain Wildcard

The Symantec Secure Site Pro Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate offers the best in encryption and web security. With a 2048-bit signature key and encryption strength of up 256-bit, this SSL/TLS certificate is also capable of the newest, cutting-edge level of encryption and hashing, Elliptical Curve Cryptology (ECC) in addition to supporting the standard RSA/DSA algorithms as well.

Symantec™ Secure Site Pro Wildcard

the ability to secure your main domain and an unlimited number of sub-domains with the powerful Norton brand in your corner – with its Secure Site Pro Wildcard SSL/TLS certificate. This Organization Validated certificate comes with ECC encryption, the highest performing encryption level known to man, and also includes Symantec’s daily malware scanning and vulnerability assessment as a bonus.

Symantec™ Wildcard SSL

A Symantec Wildcard SSL Certificate is one of the most reliable and branded SSL certificate security options, protecting the toughest environment of encryption to secure multiple sub host names on a single server, if main host names are organized/owned by the same organization and are sharing the same base host name.